About Ducting

Ducting comes in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Which ducting is right for you,  depends on your needs.

Standard basic aluminium ducting. This is the ducting most people start out with. It’s efficient when pulled taught and extremely cost effective.
Combi ducting. Like aluminium ducting just stronger, more discrete, and more durable. Like the name suggests combi ducting is a combination of aluminium ducting covered in a black flexible plastic exterior.
Acoustic ducting. Made from perforated aluminium ducting wrapped in fibreglass insulation, wrapped in plastic all contained in a reflective silver foil exterior. Acoustic ducting reduces the dB level of your customers extraction fan.
Solid metal ducting. The longer then length of your ducting the more resistance it causes, having a negative impact on the volume of air the fan can move. Solid ducting provides the smoothest path for air to travel down.
G.A.S Phonic Trap Ducting. This ducting is the latest on the market. It’s closest relation would be acoustic ducting in the ducting family.

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