Proleaf Co2 Generator

Pro-leaf Co2 Generators convert liquit Propane (LP)or natural gas (NG) into supplemental carbon dioxide for accelerated growth. BBL-4,BBL-8, and BBL-10 feature four, eight and ten brass burners, respectfully, with included burner plugs allowing Co2 output modifciation.

The 10-burner BBL-10 offers enchanced functionality with convenient selector swithes operating two, five , seven, or all 10 burners at a time. A full range of safety features ensure reliable operation-electronic ignition replaces an open pilot flame, solenoid valve to restrict gas if the burners do not ignite, and a tip-over swith which cuts power if the unit is not upright. Integrated LEDs indicate operational status. Each model comes complete with a gas regulator, 3.66m hose, power adapter and hanging hardware