Perlagro Perlite

  • Perlite provides soil aeration and drainage with over 90% of its total  porosity and 60% of aeration porosity.
  • Perlite  increases  infiltration, reduces  evaporation, provides economy in irrigation.
  • Perlite is inorganic,so it does not include any weed seeds and it not exposed to
  • Salinity and alkalinity do not cause any problems when per/it is used due to very low quantity of solvable ions in the substance.
  • Perlite easily regulates ambient pH with its neutral pH (pH=6,5-7,5) and low chemical buffering.
  • Excellent thermal   conductivity of  expanded  perlite decreases the influence of daily temperature changes on plants as much as possible.
  • In soilless agriculture after sterilization Perlite can be used during  6 years without  any harm to  the soil structure. It ensures early harvesting.
  • Perlite prevents damages and losses of seedling roots.