About Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lamps convert electrical energy into light by running a current through mercury vapor to produce ultraviolet radiation, which stimulates the coating of phosphor powder on the inside of the lamp to fluoresce, thus producing visible light. The colour of the light is determined by the chemical composition of the phosphor.

Fluorescent grow lights come in two forms: compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and fluorescent tubes. CFL grow lights differ from regular CFLs in that they come in larger sizes, provide higher wattages, and put out a broad spectrum of light. Fluorescent tube grow lights come in different sizes and varieties, although the T5 diameter high-output (HO) grow lights, which emit about twice as much light as regular fluorescent tubes, are widely considered the best ones to use.Fluorescent grow light fixtures typically have built-in reflectors and ballast, which give them a thin profile.


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