About Lamps and Accessories

Find below a selection of High Intensity Disharge (HID)  bulbs and accessories.

For vegging, Metal Halide (MH) bulbs are used due to their high levels of blue light.

For flowering, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs are popular with growers for their high levels of red light.

To get more out of your lamps, Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulbs are available and claim to be more efficient and superior in colour spectrum



Gavita 600W 400V HPS >

starting at £39.99

Powerplant HPS >

starting at £10.99

Powerplant MH >

starting at £14.99

Sylvania Grolux HPS >

starting at £21.99

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS >

starting at £17.99

LUMii Black Dual Spectrum HPS >

starting at £17.99

Philips 315W Greenpower HPS >

starting at £99.99

Philips 315W Mastercolour HPS >

starting at £99.99

Streetlight 315W CMH >

starting at £89.99

Comet 600W HPS >

starting at £14.99

LoadstarPro 600W Dual HPS >

starting at £14.99

E40 315 Adapter >

starting at £8.99

Rope Ratchets >

starting at £5.99

Lightrail >

starting at £229.99