Cosmorrow LED by Secret Jardin

The « Cosmorrow LED » is a compact, durable, waterproof 24-volt LED light. It can be screwed in, clipped or hung, using the fasteners included in the « Cosmorrow Power Supply », which is sold separately). « Cosmorrow LED » lights are available with two wattages – 20W / 50cm and 40W / 90cm – and four colours: Growing, Blooming, Ultraviolet and Infrared. It uses a standard « 5.5*2.1 x 10 mm DC plug » that is watertight thanks to the addition of a lip during the moulding process, and can be used with all types of standard 24-volt power supplies.s

20W Blue – 50cm£24.99
40W Blue – 90m£34.99
20W Red – 50cm£24.99
40W Blue – 90cm£34.99
20W Infrared – 50cm£29.99
40W Infrared- 90cm£49.99
20W UV – 50cm£29.99
40W UV – 90cm£49.99