About Dutch Pro

Dutchpro Nutrients has more than 35+ years of experience in the hydroponics industry. We believe that plants are medicine and should be freely available to everyone that needs it. Unfortunately, other nutrient brands promote the overuse of nutrients, which lowers the quality of the plants that are being grown. Our founders began in Amsterdam and saw this as an opportunity to give the people what they wanted. They created simple and effective nutrients, without breaking the bank.

Our formula is designed to streamline your growing process. We only require using 4 bottles of nutrients at a time compared to other major brands who require more products. We cut your bottle usage by providing you with high concentrates and not skipping on the essentials!  We make growing easy.


Explode >

starting at £27.99

Take Root >

starting at £17.99

Multi Total >

starting at £9.99

Calmag >

starting at £17.99

Silica >

starting at £TBC

Leaf Green >

starting at £8.99

Keep It Clean >

starting at £10.99

Ph Down Bloom >

starting at £5.99

Ph Down Grow >

starting at £5.99

Ph Up >

starting at £5.99

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