About Biobizz

We believe that it is time for agriculture to leave the laboratory and take roots where it belongs: Earth. Every time you use Biobizz you can be sure that no harmful element will end up contaminating nearby waters or decimating the wildlife in your area while enjoying your healthy plants and abundant harvest.

Our objective

The objective of Biobizz has always been and will be to promote organic farming and offer growers the best results thanks to 100% organic products.

About Biobizz. Our mission: Fostering sustainable agriculture since 1992

Biobizz was born in 1992 in Groningen, the Netherlands. At that time, it was a small family business, with a smaller product line, but the DNA of the product was already very present.

Since then Biobizz has not stopped growing. Today we are present in 64 different countries, but the feeling is still that of belonging to a family, because all team members know each other and work together to ensure that Biobizz continues to be a leading company in the sector.


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