Plant Health and Pest Control

Pests control is important to maintain the strength and vitality of your precious plants. Find out about the potential pests that can cause problems here.

Understanding the potential problems of these little critters and the steps that can be taken to prevent an attack on your plants is important for a successful yield. Spider mites are probable the worst offender and info can be found here.

There are natural insecticides like Pyrethrum which can control black fly and aphids. There are also natural predators like Phytoseiulus and Amblyseius that can control mites and thrips.

Fungal threats can also cause problems for your thriving crop. Fungi Botrytis and Powdery Mildew are two to look out for but there are many others to be aware of.


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Some basic steps can help your plant health as follows :

  1. Have a set of ‘indoor’ clothes for use when tending to your indoor plants. This way, the critters can’t hijack a lift on your outdoor shirt into your grow area.
  2. Put a filter over your inlet fan if appropriate. Simply doing a ‘MacGyver‘ and taping some tights over the inlet can do the trick!
  3. Keep your room clean!
  4. Prevention is better than cure – Treat your plants with Plant Vitality Plus by BAC which will keep them safe from Spider Mites and Thrips.
  5. Hang fresh yellow sticky traps regularly. You’ll be able to determine what bugs you have by analysing the trap and stop the spread of Fungus Knats.
  6. Use a microscope to look for bugs on the upside and underside of your plant
  7. Keep a careful watch on your plants. A dying leaf maybe on it’s way out due to the plants normal cycle, a deficiency, fungus or because of bugs!