Guard ‘n’ Aid Leaf and Bud

Guard’N’Aid Healthy Leaf & Bud does exactly what it says on the bottle; keeps leaves, buds and flowers in their very best of health allowing plants to flourish and produce a bumper harvest.

The natural formula of Healthy Leaf & Bud contains Beneficial Bacteria and as its applied as a foliar spray, it will be immediately absorbed to promote healthy leaf growth. It also helps improve that important calcium absorption and uptake, allowing flowers to grow big and strong, even if your environment isn’t quite dialed in.

Can be used in soil and soiless set ups, and should be used alongside your normal feeding regime to give plants that push. Healthy Leaf & Bud can also be used if plants have become stressed, due to high or low temperatures, light leaks or all manner of problems as in no time, once applied, plants will bounce back to life.