Propagator by X-Stream

The X-Stream Aeroponic 20 site Hydroponic Propagator. Want your cuttings or seedlings rooted within an average of 8-12 days?!.. then the X-Stream Propagator is for you! These budget priced units are excellent for fast rooting of your cuttings. Up to 20 cuttings or seedlings are placed in Rockwool sbs cubes (Not supplied) or bare rooted in neoprene discs (supplied) and then suspended in mesh baskets directly over the water supply which is sprayed onto the mesh basket. Never under or over watered, your clones will receive high levels of oxygen from the spray as they root – resulting in a very fast and successful strike rate.

12 Site£45.99
20 Site£64.99
40 Site£84.99
120 Site£174.99