About  Air Stones

In many cases, you do need an airstone to have a successful hydroponic garden. An airstone is needed because many hydroponic systems provide a constant flow of water to plant roots. While that can be a good thing, it can also cause problems for the roots.

Like humans, plants can drown if they don’t get enough oxygen. The constant flow of water to plant roots can keep plants from getting the oxygen they need to survive. An airstone is one tool that you can use to provide some oxygen for your plants to keep them healthy.

Along with an airstone, some hydroponic systems also use an air pump, which can get even more oxygen to the plants. Together, these tools can keep your plants alive and well so that you can enjoy a beautiful garden. However, it’s important to understand how airstones work within your hydroponic garden. This can help you decide how to set up and place your stone in the water


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