About Water Pumps

The water pumps used for hydroponics are just simply submersible fountain and pond pumps that you can get at most home improvement stores. Some manufactures also package them specifically for sale at hydroponic supply stores.

Once you know the minimum number of gallons you need to be pumped through your system, it’s easy to choose a pump. But we would recommend to make sure you choose a pump that can pump at least twice as much water than the minimum gph of what you need. That will allow you some flexibility in how you set things up, changes in the future, as well as make sure the pump doesn’t fall short of your expectations.


Micro-Jet Oxy Pump 320 >

starting at £16.99

Micro-Jet Oxy Pump 450 >

starting at £18.99

Micro-Jet MC320 >

starting at £14.99

Micro-Jet MC450 >

starting at £16.99

Maxijet MJ500 >

starting at £19.99

Maxijet MJ1000 >

starting at £24.99