Reflective Sheeting

Light is what feeds your cannabis plants. Indoor growers must use artificial lights to cultivate their crops. The growers that get the highest yields have one thing in common. They all use reflective materials.

Developed in part by NASA, Mylar is a synthetic, reflective, shiny, silver greenhouse covering available in sheets and rolls. Indoor growers like Mylar’s ability to reflect light anywhere from 90-98%. Good grow room ventilation is necessary if using Mylar.

There is much debate in the growing community as to which is better; Silver or White Myla. A certain Mr Jorge Cervantes and his protégé Mr. Jose tested the properties of each and claimed that white was best!

Black/White Reflective sheeting

This sheeting is black on one side and white on the other and provides up to 75-85% light reflectivity on the white side. How it works: point the white side towards the light, and the black side will help trap light from getting in or out. This sheeting is not 100% light-proof and is 2meters wide.


Developed by NASA, it’s 97% reflective but not light proof. This high-quality Mylar is very strong and won’t rip easily when in use, making it long-lasting and perfect for your grow room. A firm favourite with many growers!

Diamond sheeting

Diamond sheeting is our most popular product as it is ‘diamond pressed’ and this increases light diffusion within the grow room. The embossed sheeting helps to better diffuse the light, eliminating the chance of hot spots appearing in the grow room.