About Budbox GT

Like the Pro range, these are the top of the range tents, but designed for LED’s so are extra high at 2.4m

  • 25mm Frames
  • Access doors, Metal Corners
  • Double stitched seams, Uplift irrigation bar, Green Viewing window
  • Double cuff vents ,20% oversized vents, screened passive vents
  • Waterproof drip tray
  • Roof hanging bars, Silicon pads for roof bars
  • Main door clips, Hanging straps provided
  • Canvas completely unzips
  • Huge range of sizes


GT1 180 – 1.8m*1.2m*2.4m >

starting at £299.99

GT2 180 – 1.8m*2.2m*2.4m >

starting at £419.99