About Budbox Pro

The Budbox Pro range of tents are intended for the serious hobbyists and those requiring quality in every area. The Mylar is thicker, poles are stronger and the overall quality intended to dazzle.

  • 25mm Frames
  • Access doors, Metal Corners
  • Double stitched seams, Uplift irrigation bar, Green Viewing window
  • Double cuff vents ,20% oversized vents, screened passive vents
  • Waterproof drip tray
  • Roof hanging bars, Silicon pads for roof bars
  • Main door clips, Hanging straps provided
  • Canvas completely unzips
  • Huge range of sizes


Small – 0.75m*0.75m*1m >

starting at £94.99

Medium – 0.75m*0.75m*2m >

starting at £114.99