About GorillaBox

Gorillabox Deluxe Tents take growing to the next level with the Deluxe 600 taking the crown as one of the biggest tents ever created by man or woman.

A matched ventilation system will provide temperature control and increased air circulation within the space.

The light proof construction allows for a controlled day night light cycle for your chosen indoor lighting system without it being affected by outside light.

The tents are constructed of high quality, heavy duty 210D and 600D Mylar fabric. Incorporating high quality, heavy duty zips.

The frame is a study 16mm or 25mm diameter 1.0mm thick coated metal construction with welded metal corners and click lock joints



Deluxe 200 : 2m*2m*2m >

starting at £319.99

Deluxe 240 : 2.4m*2.4m*2m >

starting at £356.99

Deluxe 300/150 : 3m*1.5m*2m >

starting at £311.99

Deluxe 300/200 : 3m*2m*2m >

starting at £431.99

Deluxe 300 : 3m*3m*2m >

starting at £449.99

Deluxe 400 : 4m*2m*2m >

starting at £568.99

Deluxe 600 : 6m*3m*2.2m >

starting at £885.99