About Lighthouse Max XL

The LightHouse MAX range has been extended with the addition of three extra-height tents – the LightHouse MAX XL models.

In addition to having all the great features of the standard LightHouse MAX range these tents have been designed to acco mmodate larger ballast/lighting combinations or the growing of taller crops. A range of LightHouse accessories are also available from plant support netting through to accessory pouches and harvest dry racks.

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Max XL 1.5² – 1.5m*1.5m*2.2m >

starting at £204.99

Max XL 3 – 3m*1.5m*2.2m >

starting at £289.99

Max XL 3² – 3m*3m*2.2m >

starting at £439.99

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