About Monster Buds Pro

Monster Buds
Monster Buds Pro Grow Tents are designed for the indoor grower and offer an array of features to maximise yields.

About Monster Buds
Monster Buds is a well-known brand in grow tents among UK hydroponics enthusiasts and indoor growers. It is committed to the quality and performance of their products to give 100% satisfaction to their consumers.

Monster Buds envision making indoor growing more efficient, productive, and optimised. They have designed highly advanced tents available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of every grower.


Pro 100 – 1m*1m*2m >

starting at £94.99

Pro 120 – 1.2m*1.2m*2m >

starting at £99.99

Pro 150 – 1.5m*1.5m*2m >

starting at £134.99

Pro 240/120 – 2.4m*1.2m*2m >

starting at £194.99

Pro 240 – 2.4m*2.4m*2m >

starting at £314.99

Pro 300 – 3m*3m*2m >

starting at £384.99