About Secret Jardin Dark Room

The Dark Room grow tent is designed for plants measuring 2′ to 5′ tall, with grow spaces of 0.21ft2 to 0.84ft2. It features DUCTING FLANGEs (DF25) for managing intake/exhaust and comes with everything you need to install the complete system. The grow tent comes in a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap.

The configuration advice provided in terms of ventilation, lighting and extraction is specific to intensive Level III growing, for sun-loving plants. Divide these figures by 2 or by 4 for Level II and Level I growing


DR150 1.5m*1.5m*2.17m >

starting at £189.99

DR240 2.37m*2.37m*2m >

starting at £359.99

DR300 2.97m*2.97m*2.17m >

starting at £479.99

DR240W 2.37m*1.2m*2m >

starting at £259.99

DR300W 2.97m*1.5m*2.17m >

starting at £339.99

DR60 : 0.6m*0.6m*1.7m >

starting at £89.99

DR90 : 0.9m*0.9m*1.85m >

starting at £114.99

DR120 : 1.2m*1.2m*2m >

starting at £154.99

DR150W : 1.5m*0.9m*2m >

starting at £159.99

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