About Secret Jardin Lodge

The Lodge grow tent uses the same technology as Dark Street and features 3 grow spaces: The left side is designed for plants measuring 2′ to 5′ tall, and the two spaces on the right are designed for plants less than 3′ tall. It features DUCTING FLANGEs (DF16) for managing intake/exhaust.

With the addition of a LIGHT BAFFLE (DF16LB) between the spaces on the left and right, a single extractor can be used for all three spaces. The Lodge grow tent comes in a sturdy carrying bag and includes everything you need to install the complete system quickly.


Lodge 100 – 1m*0.6m*1.58m >

starting at £159.99

Lodge 160 – 1.6m*1.2m*1.98m >

starting at £279.99

Lodge 280 : 2.8m*1.2m*2.1m >

starting at £349.99

Lodge 90 : 0.9m*0.6m*1.35m >

starting at £114.99

Lodge 120 : 1.2m*0.9m*1.45m >

starting at £169.99

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