Gecko acoustic fans don’t just look the part, they’ve been designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air. They are premium quality products, assembled in the UK using precision engineered components.

150mm – 1000m3£249.99
150mm – 1500m3£279.99
200mm – 1000m3£249.99
200mm – 1500m3£299.99
200mm – 2500m3£377.99
200mm – 3250m3£379.99
250mm – 1500m3£299.99
250mm – 2500m3£377.99
250mm – 3250m3£379.99
250mm – 4250m3£399.99
315mm – 2500m3£377.99
315mm – 3250m3£379.99
315mm – 4250m3£399.99