Revolution Super Silent

The Revolution Silenced fan range is a class apart – the most efficient inline hydroponic fans on the market, wrapped in an engineered silenced body. The custom-built acoustic housing halves the noise of the standard fan without reducing the powerful air flow – even with the normal pressures of a grow room environment. Our silenced fans are engineered to be sealed, powerful and silent.

The Revolution Vector is the EC version of the fan, using state of the art EC technology, Vector fans are more powerful and over 50% more efficient than AC fans with no humming or buzzing at low speeds. These fans are the most efficient powerful duct fans of their size and can be precisely controlled with the GAS EC Controller.

The Revolution Stratos AC version offers greater air flow and performance under pressure than any other AC fan on the market, without all the noise. The Stratos can be controlled by Triac, step transformers or frequency controllers.

315 Stratos AC£694.99
355 Stratos AC£1054.99
315 Vector EC£1034.99
355 Vector EC£1384.99