Ram Extractor Fan

Rhino Pro Extractor Fans, come in 4″ 5″ 6″ 8″ and 10″ and are available in single speed or thermostatic models, they are a great fan to go along side the infamous rhino pro filters.

Single Speed

Easy to use option, ideal if your grow room is a steady temperature

Twin Speed

Manual switch for high speeds in the summer and low speeds in the winter

Thermostatically controlled

Set your ideal temperature and this fan will speed up if the grow room rises above the set temperature and then slow down again when the ideal temperature is reached. These fans are super efficient, easy to install and are hard wired ready to go.

Single Speed 100mm L1£59.99
Single Speed 125mm L1£64.99
Single Speed 150mm A1£69.99
Single Speed 150mm L1£79.99
Single Speed 200mm Al£79.99
Single Speed 200mm L1£99.99
Single Speed 250mm L1£119.99
Twin Speed 100mm L1£72.99
Twin Speed 125mm L1£79.99
Twin Speed 150mm L1£92.99
Twin Speed 200mm L1£123.99
Thermo 100mm L1£99.99
Thermo 125mm L1£109.99
Thermo 150mm L1 £129.99